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Formula Student Skidpad 1.0

Skidpad track with several other constant radii layouts

  1. tomhbehrendt
    Skidpad track and constant radii cone layouts suitable for comparing a modelled car telemetry against real life data for a particular car.

    > Track has cones enabled for collision so they will not move, if this proves too much of an issue I can return them to movable (chaotic result)
    > No timing for any event, only practice and hotlap are currently working. In future I will create an online server with a one wheel handicap penalty system.
    > Directory: common/assettocorsa/content/tracks
    > For information regarding the i2 pro setup see KLGreenes post (http://notworking.url/2g0LutG)

Recent Reviews

  1. destinationriver
    Version: 1.0
    Great for testing! Do you also have a Formula Student mod? Would love to drive those lil beasts!
    1. tomhbehrendt
      Author's Response
      Unfortunately for the moment I have to keep the information of our car private (as you can imagine all of the data is in there) in future I will try to release a generic model, not for a few months though!