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Formula E Style HUD (DynHUD) - BETA Beta 2.0

BETA Formula E Style HUD for Automobilista

  1. Joseph Wright
    Being designed by @Joseph Wright and @Abbie

    Updated in Beta 2.0 (Current release):
    • Major Updates:
      • Tachometer developed, based off of the Formula E Tachometer
    • Minor Updates:
      • Drivers Label
      • Standings
      • Session widget, with yellow flags now displaying the same way as the Formula E broadcasts.
    Known Issues:
    • Standings: Data does not remain in the light blue section
    • Standings: Does not align correctly during test day
    • Standings: Drivers disappear when retire with the background remaining (looks tacky)
    • Compare: Not showing correctly (disable if distracts you)
    • Compare: Does not display the gaps all the time
    To be released in Beta 2.5 (Next release):
    • Completing the Tachometer
    • Working on the Standings
    To be developed:
    • Standings
    • Tachometer
    • Compare
    • Session Status
    • Driver Information
    • Detailed Timing
    • Live Lap Timing
    If you notice any bugs or issues not mentioned above please let myself or Abbie aware of them otherwise they may not be fixed.

    Current Version

    Screenshots shown below:

    20171119223521_1.jpg 20171119223537_1.jpg
    The latest addition should not replace any base files, as they are noted under a new folder "Formula E". Therefore this file should not be affected when checking file integrity.
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