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Formula A - Haas F1 Team 2019 2017-05-10

[Fantasy] Haas F1 Team (Tim Holmes Design)

  1. Jimbo62
    [2019] Haas F1 Team

    11.jpg 10655180_814682195255759_6150288988651170434_o.jpg

    [Design by Tim Holmes http://www.tim-holmes.com/]
    [Livery by Alex Koda http://kodafactory.wixsite.com/kodafactory for my personnal request]

    INCLU :
    - #8 Romain Grosjean
    - #10 Danica Patrick

    Do not forgot to use :

    Custom Liveries Tool - Livery Manager and Livery Package Export [BY crowtrobot]

    Tire Pack MOD [BY nsss]

    See my other liveries for Project Cars :

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