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Forlì Ring 1.0

RTB fantasy track for F1 and GT

  1. Marocco2



    - place zip content in assettocorsa\content\tracks

    Hope you enjoy it :)

    If you like this track and you want support me, please donate via [​IMG] or [​IMG]
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Recent Reviews

  1. Deswribilator
    Version: Alpha1
  2. André 57
    André 57
    Version: Alpha1
    Nice layout, need a little work but great potential. I like elevation change. Sceneries is ok, threes can be improoved. Surface texture is too smooth adding some bump can help for realism .

    Thanks for sharing , keep at it, this track will be great .
  3. bellofrancesco
    Version: Alpha1
    Marco potevi fare + riprese cosi valutevamo meglio le potenzilita di questo tuo prodotto
    1. Marocco2
      Author's Response
      Domani rilascerò la ALPHA2 con videocamere e altre riprese YT