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Ford Sierra RS500 TEXACO - Ari Vatanen 1000 Lakes Rally '87 1.0

Livery used by Ari Vatanen in 1000 Lakes Rally 1987

  1. Beizsi
    This is my first livery, so please be gentle :D
    This livery was used by Ari Vatanen/Terry Harryman in 1000 Lakes Rally in 1987.
    I made this livery from Conor óg Muldoon's original livery as base file which I just customized pretty heavily, almost every other aspect but the coloring and some of the logos. I even had to make the "AUTO ARE" logo from scratch, because I couldn't find that logo in good quality anywhere. But all credit from the original livery goes to Conor óg Muldoon. You can find the original here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sierra-cosworth-rs500-texaco-mark-lovell.11017/

    Just extract the textures_high to DiRT Rally/cars/models/srs/livery_43

    This livery replaces the 7/8 livery.

    The original livery_43 is included, in case you want to go back to the original.



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