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Ford Fiesta RS WRC - Antal Kovács - 2015 1.0

Design of Fiesta R5

  1. imprzz
    drt 2016-02-26 18-09-49-99.jpg Team: MR Racing
    Car: Ford Fiesta R5
    Driver: Antal Kovács
    Co-driver: Gergő Istovics
    Year: 2015
    Event: 49th Mecsek Rally 2015
    drt 2016-02-26 18-13-35-78.jpg
    Replaced with black Ford Fiesta RS WRC (Livery 9/9)
    drt 2016-02-26 18-08-46-28.jpg
    Made by Imprzz, from Hungary
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/peter.varga.5036


    1. drt 2015-10-02 14-59-28-68.jpg
    2. drt 2016-02-26 18-09-32-82.jpg
    3. drt 2016-02-26 18-10-23-19.jpg