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Ferrari Helmet Portugal 1.0

A ferrari helmet based on 2016 kimi's with the Portugal flag.

  1. Sythendrius
    Here goes a ferrari helmet I made for myself based on kimi model that you can use on career. On my pictures I managed to use kimi helmet model with the spoiler on the back in my career.
    Just import the dds files with the ERP archiver.

    RR sf 29.jpg RR sf 25.jpg RR sf 27.jpg RR sf 31.jpg RR sf 32.jpg RR sf 52.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. MaxPovesmo
    Version: 1.0
    Hi! Good job!!! And how you managed to use a helmet in his career with all the additions??
    1. Sythendrius
  2. yerman86
    Version: 1.0
    excellent work! would you like helmets for force India and renault?