• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Ferrari 458 white matte skins 2015-02-28

Ferrari Bianco. New interior with alcantara + new velocimeter and rpm + other details

  1. Agas
    My english is too bad, so I will put images to describe my work!!!

    Bodywork on tail (3 variations):

    Showroom_ferrari_458_s3_28-1-2015-18-35-40.jpg Showroom_ferrari_458_s3_28-1-2015-18-35-38.jpg Showroom_ferrari_458_s3_28-1-2015-18-35-36.jpg

    The interiors are lined with alcantara

    The paint job
    is all matte except the roof that has a glossy finish
    This work was made all by me. Hope you like it!
    I will upload a darkest version soon...
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