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Ferrari 458 'Rosso Mugello quasi cromo' 1.0

replica of a real 458

  1. Bernd Graf
    Presenting a replica of a car I found online:

    12512516_947253305356738_8738578083916651879_n.jpg Screenshot_ferrari_458_silverstone-national_20-1-116-23-26-17.jpg

    Though Kunos code currently does not support full chrome reflections, I've used the map file as best I can to approximate :). Replica colors, wheels, wheel roundels, and paint scheme with interior improvements.

    101st mod, first was the 458 Italia...thought it would be appropriate to return to the roots :)

    Here's to the next 100 mods...

    Screenshot_ferrari_458_silverstone-national_20-1-116-23-26-41.jpg Screenshot_ferrari_458_silverstone-national_20-1-116-23-28-18.jpg