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Fantasy McLaren RD F1 Team 1.5

McLaren (Racedepartment RD F1 Team ) Full Team

  1. Roland Molnar
    Hi All.​
    Fantasy McLaren RD F1 Team (PROTOTYPE 2013)
    RACEDEPARTMENT with logo. RD approved!​
    Many thanks for separately: Bram Hengeveld's and RD team that approved the use of the logo! :thumbsup: :thumbsup::)

    -car re-textured​
    Package contents:
    -car (mc2)
    -helmet (gen_03)
    -drivers suits,gloves,shoes​
    -interiors (wheel)​
    Attention! Back up of the original files!

    SPECIAL THANKS: ML2166 for template! :thumbsup:

    FULL Team
    cheers & enjoy...greetings : MoMo :)
    FULL-TEAM1.jpg sisak-RD5.jpg driver-RD2.jpg racecrew-RD4.jpg pitcrew-RD3.jpg