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F_Retro 1975 names *.veh file addition 1.0

F_Retro, names, retro

  1. SCE_SR

    my first little mod. Be lenient with me, when its not 100% authentic.. :rolleyes:

    Its only a names mod, not a talent mod. Its a *.veh file addition to the SCE F_Retro names mod from 1975.

    I'm not a expert and i dont know how good it matched with the talent files. I checked 1 time with the original files and 1x with 75'er SCE mod talents and at least it works.

    I use Wikipedia and i choose only drivers with the most races in this year. Sometimes i take the better sounding name like Graham Hill, Jacky Ickx or something as example.

    I hope its authentic enough.

    Extract the archiv and copy the whole Gamedata folder in your AMS main folder, override all existing files. (dont forget to backup original files)