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F1RFT2009 + Hungaroring 0.3b

First F1 2009 mod for AMS, Now a brand new mod in development!

  1. xXaXiXx
    The third update of this mod is now out!!!

    NEW ICON PACK: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1rft2009-extra-icon-pack.15863/

    I will replace the cancerous sounds with the Reiza ones soon.

    Credits to:
    -WCP Series, for creating the track
    -RFT Modding Group, for creating the original rFactor mod
    -Márk Lintner, for help me to find a good Hungaroring track
    -SCE_SR, for making the series icon

    Problems to solve:
    -No dirt pick-up
    -Car sounds are very wrong
    20170603121023_1.jpg 20170603121053_1.jpg 20170603121125_1.jpg 20170603121251_1.jpg 20170603121525_1.jpg 20170603121530_1.jpg 20170603121545_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Jach
    Version: 0.3b
    Good icon. BTW I think you should add something in the HDV file. In [Control], if you add "SteeringRotation=(360, 10.0, 5)
    SteeringRotationSetting=0" then the steering wheel range can be set [360° to 400°&10° every step, if you want 360° to 450° just change it to (360,10,10)]in the Garage page. It's a new feature in AMS so I think the HDV file of every car converted from rFactor need this :-)
  2. Jach
    Version: 0.3_wip
    There's no transparent area in your tga...However I know how to do with tga and srs(and the .hdv file for physics) for AMS. If you need some help you can contact me in my account page or w-jiacheng@hotmail.com
    1. xXaXiXx
      Author's Response
      Its just a temporal image, i will make my logo properly, but im travelling and i dont have Photoshop installed on mi laptop :(
  3. Roccoveer
    Version: 0.3_wip
    it's a good begin. keep ur work ;)
  4. paulof12015
    Version: 0.3_wip
    Seems like a good mod, but how do I download it? I copy and paste the link that you leave in the text file and re-download the same thing, you can guide me, thanks.
    1. xXaXiXx
      Author's Response
      Ya hemos hablado en español una vez así que dime lo que pasa por inbox :)
  5. noah43501
    Version: 0.1_wip
    well this ist probably great, but the series.srs is missing