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F1 2017 Mod (Drivers Names, Numbers, Helmets,ITA-FRE-SPA-GER) 1.2.5

F1 2017 Mod (Drivers Names, Numbers, Helmets,ITA-FRE-SPA_GER)

  1. Marco17_ok
    F1 2017 Mod
    (Drivers Names, Numbers, Helmets,)

    1. Mercedes: Rosberg with Valtteri Bottas (name, helmet)
    2. Williams: Bottas with Lance Stroll (name, helmet)
    3. McLaren: Button with Stoffel Vandoorne (name, helmet)
    4. Renault: Magnussen with Hulkenberg (name, helmet)
    5. Force India: Hulkenberg with Ocon (name, helmet)
    6. Haas: Gutierrez with Magnussen (name, helmet)
    7. Sauber: Nasr with Pascal Wehrlein (name only)
    8. Manor: Pascal Wehrlein with Felipe Nasr (name only)
    -Update 1.2.5
    Added German language

    -Update 1.2
    Added French language
    Added Spanish language

    -Update 1.1
    Fixed all drivers previews
    Replaced Gutierrez with Magnussen

Recent Reviews

  1. Zutury
    Version: 1.2.5
    Ciao e ottimo lavoro, volevo sapere se hai in programma un ulteriore aggiornamento ?? La mod mi piace molto ma vedo ancora il volto Rosberg invece che Bottas e l'ingegnere chiama Bottas sempre dicendo Rosberg, puoi sistemare questo particolare ?? Grazie e ancora complimenti
    1. Marco17_ok
      Author's Response
      Ciao grazie mille, non credo che aggiornerò più questa mod, ti consiglio di scaricare quella di RaceKing :-)
  2. fabiocontierf1
    Version: 1.2
    it's not good
  3. TheSergy12
    Version: 1.2
    Great mod, but why button and not Alonso?¿
    1. Marco17_ok
      Author's Response
      Thanks, anyway Stoffel Vandoorne is replacing Button, not Alonso
  4. arvaimate00
    Version: 2017-01-20
    Awesome mod mate!:)
    1. Marco17_ok
      Author's Response
      Thanks!! :-)
  5. felipeklaynntc
    Version: 2017-01-20
    The best F1 2017 mod, 'm looking for how to change photo and flag of the drivers in the select driver
    1. Marco17_ok
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much!