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F1 2016 season 2015 MOD 1.0

Full 2015 season in career and GP mode for F1 2016 MOD

  1. Thang Nguyen
    ATTENTION! This mod is compatible with SKYFALL F1 2016 SEASON MOD.
    You will have to install these mods before installing my mod:
    SKYFALL F1 2016 MOD:
    F1 2013 Mod by Klodian Stafa (SKYFALL SEASON MOD ADD ON):
    Tracks Part 1:
    Tracks Part 2:

    Now you can play full F1 2015 season in career mode in F1 2016 MOD (Germany as Mexico!!!). It might corrupt your save game (I haven't tried it yet because I have an existing career!)
    I will upload the language file for correct dates and screenshots asap!!!
    Enjoy!!! :thumbsup: