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F1 2016 part 1 1.0


  1. Thang Nguyen
    Hi guys :)
    This is my F1 2016 season mod.
    This mod includes:
    - Baku and Mexico tracks (Baku based on Singapore and Mexico based on Korea)
    - Updated Scenario mode
    - All 2016 drivers and teams up to now
    - Imola and Estoril now have sponsors round the track (I recommend you choose the first ones since there are 2 Imolas and 2 Estorils on the menu)
    and so on!
    Screenshots? Sorry no screenshots :(
    To make the mod work properly, you must install all 4 parts.
    ENJOY! :thumbsup:
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Recent Reviews

  1. asgard8
    Version: 1.0
    drivers still from 2013 . all of hem
    1. Thang Nguyen
      Author's Response
      You must install all 4 parts to have all of them from 2016