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F1 2016 Baku Gp Mod for krsskos F1 2016 Mod 1.0

BakuGp Racetrack

  1. OnlyZockt
    Hello , i have of basic from the singapore racetrack a baku fealing racetrack creadet.
    This is only with krsskos F1 2016 mod compatible.

    Thank @krsskos for you brilliant Mod


    1. 20160626174954_1.jpg
    2. 20160626175008_1.jpg
    3. 20160626175148_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. krsskos
    Version: 1.0
    Hi i was doing exactly the same as you did so i won't make this more.
    I have updated some things more. I will write to you with update because i' ve changed more textures and it is not worth to place this again as two different mods.
  2. Artu18
    Version: 1.0
    It is the circuit of Singapore, day and with advertising that was in the circuit Baku, along with the Mercedes ultrasof go too fast, has too much grip and acceleration on the exit of corners.
    1. OnlyZockt
      Author's Response
      Make it better!
  3. Speedy97
    Version: 1.0
    So this is just singapore with signs changed to say baku? i don't understand the point?