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F1 2015 Style Sauber [Blue and Yellow] 1.0

Based on the Real life 2015 Sauber livery.

  1. Clank24401
    This mod makes the Sauber Blue and Yellow, Like it will be in real life in 2015, This has the same sponsors as the 2014 Sauber, Only the colors are different.

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    2015-02-01_00008.jpg 2015-02-01_00009.jpg 2015-02-01_00011.jpg 2015-02-01_00012.jpg 2015-02-01_00013.jpg 2015-02-01_00014.jpg 2015-02-01_00015.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Richárd Gonda
    Richárd Gonda
    Version: 1.0
    very good
  2. massa
    Version: 1.0
  3. Nerd
    Version: 1.0
    not bad