• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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F1 2012 +DRS 2.0

New mod

  1. senna9922


    1. GRAB_000.JPG
    2. GRAB_004.JPG
    3. GRAB_001.JPG
    4. GRAB_002.JPG
    5. GRAB_003.JPG
    6. F1+in+Schools-01.png

Recent Reviews

  1. syonnecortie
    Version: 1.0
    AI is like rocket and bulldozer, skins are not optimized.
    1. senna9922
      Author's Response
      you can reduce speed of A.I in tbc file this line AIGripMult=0.99 to AIGripMult=0.90
  2. Punk Potato
    Punk Potato
    Version: 1.0
    what is this supposed to be? file you attached dont even do anything, and from the videos and screens it just looks plain horrible, from how the game looks visually to how it handles
    1. senna9922
      Author's Response
      what is wrong my friend, game is not on max settings.Work is in progress.