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Experimental physical - F1 2016 1.5

physical, Cams, improvements

  1. vlasovas

    Not authorize the distribution of this mod without credits, with Author's credits is another story!

    Experimental package, perhaps you need a AI mod, or increase the level of AI, I do not know if I'll work more on it, just thought it was cool the way in you feel the track with it, contains the same previous cameras package and track improvement, but with default vibration of the game because the track itself already feel the whole vibe, you either love it, or hate this package, it really changes the gameplay

    he has a track soil behavior different, you feel the track undulations, until in the replay, you notice the car shaking more like real life, to go on the grass your speed is reduced, and you lose time if you are not careful from touching with two or one wheel on the grass you can lose control of the car, and go to the other wall, there are larger bumps to cross the grass, and gravel, also expanded the feeling curves in passing by the limitations of colorful stripes, more or less as it was in 2013


    - 3 different versions of cockpit: Normal, With Look at the curve, and with look to corner along with head tilt
    - More complete track Grass (yes, now you will see grass, not only ground texture)
    - 2 Versions with Grass Added, low and Tall
    - Upshift effect in the cockpit and nose camera
    - differentiated physical, only an attempt to change, I'm not very good in relation to this type of mod, but maybe pleased to somebody

    - Fix for patch 1.7.0 causes Black Screen, Solved !

    - 2 different rear Cameras added

    - Correction in the installer

    1.4 (29/10/2016)
    - More constant effects of sparks on the tracks
    - 3 Types of Grass, Tall, Medium and Low and the Low is newest almost one carpet, and the Medium is the low of the previous version
    - Package with normal rear cameras
    - Physics in Track with certain additions
    - Package with different physics, where you feel the car more heaviest (will reduce the lap time, only added for those who like to drive with more difficulty)
    made by vlasovas

    1.5 (11/5/2016)
    - Version with Aerial Camera (Helicopter)
    - Old package without trepidation of acceleration added with current low grass and high


    Thanks :

    Rest in peace, Kadosh 64 (La Plata), will be in our hearts !
    Agnus Antônio da Silva, Crosire and CeeJay.dk ( For create Reshade and SweetFX ), Zeno DYK, Ryder 25 ( Ryder Mod Manager and All Tools ), ML2166!​

Recent Reviews

  1. paulof12015
    Version: 1.4
    Good day ... good job !!!! .. thanks for this intermediate gravel, I like the view on board, the car moves to either side, could achieve that effect as in reality? ? ... Look when a pilot turns aside force makes head to the side and the car seems to bend to the other.
    1. vlasovas
      Author's Response
      although extending the lap time, the package "Slow and Heavy Car" I think the closer that may being driving a F1 is very difficult to adjust the physical track in these files, I think it can not get more milk of stones, other packages are good too, but not very simulates the weight, but closer to the right lap time, but still be slower than the original, I recommend packages with Tilt, simulates the driver's head
  2. Theo Berrekeman
    Theo Berrekeman
    Version: 1.4
    I really love the feeling when it feels like real! Thank you VERY much for creating this! :D
    Is it possible to make the camera even more shakey and reacting to gear change and brake? This is a mod i'm now using for F1 2014 as example: https://youtu.be/komtPllEOyQ.

    Thanx again!
    1. vlasovas
      Author's Response
      good, the package that you showed has retardation effect of changes gear in this package that created has also, but without the sudden drop, only not increase the effect for two reasons, 1 - in the past users already complained that the the pilot does not go down the head like this, there is an apparatus that prevents this movement, or the pilot broken the neck, after searching I saw it was that, and then stopped doing so. 2 - The package itself already has a lot of track movement, and in the last update added more jolts, would be very difficult, and for some nasty jolts more than was added
      see videos
  3. paulof12015
    Version: 1.3
    excelente!!!!!,se puede hacer una actualizacion conla hierba mas corta ,y no tan despareja en los bordes de pista,
    1. vlasovas
      Author's Response
      hay una versión con menos hierba tamnho, sin embargo, puedo hacer más pequeños, pero muy poco aparecerá, existe un límite, hierba alcance de la visión, creo que se hace por lo que no a caer en picado fps, el fin de semana, yo trato de hacer
  4. s00zster
    Version: 1.1
    Brilliant work, really immersive.