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Engine Power Per Tier" Season 2014 Update 1.1

String text for database Editor

  1. chianamik
    All 2013 database update to season 2014
    by chianamik(R)

    Update the "string engine power per tier" in the database of F1-2013
    "Update the strength of the teams"
    Use ego editor here:

    GAME F1-2013 for update 2014 season...... edit in the database this "engine power per tier"
    The string in the database
    engine power per tier.JPG
    (You can raise or lower the output parameters at will using this pattern matching cars)

    TEAM corrispondence:

    team 25: sauber
    team 27: force india
    team 26: williams
    team 23: red bull
    team 20: ferrari
    team 21: mclaren
    team 22: mercedes
    team 24: lotus
    team 30: marussia
    team 31:caterham
    team 28: toro rosso
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Recent Reviews

  1. celsorodrigo
    Version: 1.1
    Great Mod, Parabens, Could Do This value still today for F1 Database 2014? , The Engines of the Year All has 760 horsepower but with the form they Season Not That reach, Taking the Mercedes reaches its 760 Cv

    Then the Mercedes Car Should Be:
    22: 760/760/760/760

    Others Cars Not Arrive Ha His total power of 760 hp Williams in Maximo 740 or 750 hp, Please have as you make it to the F1 Database 2014?
    1. chianamik
      Author's Response
      yes but test this mod in the career.... :-)