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Elvedalen Gokart 0.1

Alpha version Gokart track elvedalen

  1. Capzor
    This is very incomplete but i thought i would put an early version up.

    Feel free to provide feedback and i will work on it!
    To Do/fix:
    -Many kerbs are too high with new gokart mod update
    -Improve rendering (decoration/textures?)
    -improve AI lines
    -improve TV Cameras
    -Some track textures are dirt and shouldn't be(near start etc.)
    -Some bumps in track joins need smoothing(near start etc.)
    -Optimization for FPS
    -Pit boxes are too close together
    -Fix possibility to fall through ground 1st corner sometimes

    Screenshot_gokart125s_elvedalen_30-4-117-19-38-28.jpg Screenshot_gokart125s_elvedalen_30-4-117-19-48-24.jpg Screenshot_gokart125s_elvedalen_30-4-117-19-50-1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. dahani1987
    Version: 0.1
    Is incredible, needs some rendering but the layout I love
    1. Capzor
      Author's Response
      Thx dahani :)