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EasyHooksAPI 1.1

API for mods

  1. wolf_vx
    This is a collection of API's for my mods. All you need to do is just install it. Without it, most of my mods won't function.

    Requires MSC Mod Loader 0.3.x

    1. Extract EasyHooksAPI.zip into your mods directory, possibly Documents/MySummerCar/Mods, steamapps/common/My Summer Car/mods, or AppData/LocalLow/Amistech/My Summer Car/Mods, depending on how you installed MSCModLoader.

    Change log
    ver 1.1
    Initial Upload​

    Most of this should be going into ModLoader, but for now I am uploading it here. If developers want to use it, you can message me.
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