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Ducati HD Grey 2013-09-27

zelimper's HD Duc's

  1. Thimoty Decrans
    This is the .DDS download for Mixfile users.
    Due to limited space on drobbox, i cant upload the large Mixfile
    if u want the .MIX file, you can get that

    extract the Motogp.mix file to your main mgp13 directory and let overwrite

    for more advanced users use mixfile
    extrackt the Folder to your extracted motogp.mix folder (let overwrite)and recompile
    (only the modded files are included in this folder)

    Bike in 4096* (original 1024)
    HD windscreen in 1024* for dovisiozo and Hayden
    HD textures,
    hd nuts
    hd logo's
    new hd carbon