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Driver specific livery mod 2.0

driver specific skin

  1. aagancia
    This mod is based on the Driver specific livery mod originally made by Ryder25 and released by Schifty031 here...


    This is a revision of the mod for those that encounters issues with the one released in the link above.

    The mod allows you to have completely different liveries for each driver in a team. ex. Alonso drives a red ferrari, while Massa drives a yellow ferrari


    Copy "raceload.jpk" included in the package and overwrite the one in your F1 2012 installation folder. (remember to make a backup first)

    follow the directory structure pictured below:


    to make Safety Car work. Just copy sc2_gen_high_main.pssg from \F1 2012\cars\sc2\livery_main\textures_high

    rename and paste in the appropriate folder (sc2) as shown above.


    If you want to save disk space, you may delete all PSSG files in the livery_main folder for each car.

    alternate link: