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Cusco Subaru WRX STI Taiga Aisaka skin 1.0

Cusco Subaru WRX STI Taiga Aisaka skin

  1. blackwood91
    the skin is inspired by the mod for shift2 by yuki729
    I have adapted for Assetto Corsa =)

    Showroom_sp_tomei_cusco_wrxsti_20-10-2015-17-28-35.jpg Showroom_sp_tomei_cusco_wrxsti_20-10-2015-17-28-55.jpg Showroom_sp_tomei_cusco_wrxsti_20-10-2015-17-28-31.jpg Showroom_sp_tomei_cusco_wrxsti_20-10-2015-17-29-5.jpg Showroom_sp_tomei_cusco_wrxsti_20-10-2015-17-28-26.jpg
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  1. d154xxl
    Version: 1.0
  2. Mahad
    Version: 1.0
    Many thanks, so perfect