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Complete F1 Steering Wheels with new HD Led light function 1.2

New HD REV Lights setup for each Team individually

  1. ClimaxF1
    Hi Guys

    This download includes all Steering Wheels for all Teams with some new designs and new HD Led light funtion.

    All steering wheel rev lights are now setup individually per team with their own individual function and animation.

    There are two versions in this download, steering wheels with logos where I've added Team logos to the upper part of the steering wheels for that little extra fun factor and the those with out logos.
    Simply pick the style you like and install

    Hope you guys like and have fun :)

    Below are a few examples to give you an idea of the different car steering wheel rev light setup's and designs.

    P.S. Some drivers do have different steering wheel setup's within the same team. The game only allows for one steering wheel setup per team.

    Red Bull Steering wheel_1.jpg
    Williams_Mclaren.jpg Mercedes_Red Bull.jpg Ferrari_Force India.jpg Torro Rosso_Haas.jpg Sauber_Manor.jpg Renault_LCD.jpg Williams Steering wheel_1.jpg
    All steering wheels have my new info pod design with realistic textures and HD Led lights.

    P.S. The steering wheels work only with the chassis that the liveries are designed on or all my livery designs.

    Steering = the chassis that the livery is designed on

    Mercedes = Mercedes
    Red Bull = Red Bull

    Ferrari = Redbull
    Force India - Red Bull
    Williams = Williams
    Mclaren Honda = Red Bull
    Torro Rosso = Torro Rosso
    Hass = Redbull
    Renault = Red Bull
    Sauber = Red Bull
    Manor = Red Bull

    ***Complete 2016 V6 Hybrid Engine Audio Visual OSD/LCD Info Pod Tire & Effects Update***


    • Always backup!
    1. Download zip file
    2. Open zip file
    3. Unpack and copy / overwrite
    - Special thanks to fluffydave with his awesome designs for Force India, Torro Rosso & Manor Racing steering wheels

    For more ClimaxF1 2016 Skins/Liveries, Steering Wheels Fantasy Team Liveries and Team Garges as seeing in the above images please you view all my downloads section here:

    Thank you to everybody for all reviews, the support and this great racing community! So many good people online

Recent Reviews

  1. alireza
    Version: 1.2
    Superb Mod...Makes it awesome thanks for this nice LEDs Looking absolutely real
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much and appreciate the review
  2. roberto63
    Version: 2016-12-12
    once again I thank you great job ClimaxF1
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like and thanks for the review