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Color tint tail lights 1.0

SATSUMA tint taillights.

  1. bieejapan
    You install the mod by using Unity Assets Explorer.

    9 color tint tail lights.
    Color are clear,blue,green,orange,pink,purple,red,sky,yellow,Selection formula.


    1. CLE.jpg
    2. BLUE.jpg
    3. GRE.jpg
    4. ORANGE.jpg
    5. PINK.jpg
    6. PUR.jpg
    7. RED.jpg
    8. SKY.jpg
    9. YELLOW.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. PolskaCebula
    Version: 1.0
    emmmmm, how to instal?? I do not know how to use Assets Explorer how would you record videos like that? please
  2. Danews1kQG
    Version: 1.0
    How did you make such a bumper?