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Coast to Coast Map 1.6

Coast to Coast map

  1. r199
    coast-to-coast-map-v1-4-1_1.jpg coast-to-coast-map-v1-4-1_2.jpg
    Coast to Coast Map
    Tested Game Version

    Compatibility Patch for MHA Pro Map:
    Give this patch highest priority, then MHA Pro Map and lowest Mantrid's Coast to Coast.
    Should be compatible with Coast to Coast (by Mantrid) and MHA Pro Map (by Heavy Alex).

    Try this compatibility patch:
    DOWNLOAD (Sharemods.com)
    Size: 8.4MB | Author: Mantrid

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Recent Reviews

  1. Mark Reynolds
    Mark Reynolds
    Version: 1.5
    Nice edition, no errors in the 3000 miles I have tested so far.