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Clothing in Order & Garages 1979 1.1

Racecrew,Pitcrew and garages for 1979 season (only for PEDROXIII Mod)

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Recent Reviews

  1. DavideRay
    Version: 1.1
    Just a great work!
  2. PedroXIII
    Version: 2016-05-29
    1- Congratulations. This very realistic and beautiful. I know it's very difficult to make clothes for a classic mod. It requires a lot of research, as they are rare images and files from that era.

    2- Looking at the photos above, it gave me an idea:
    - Play with "postp_1988" - tv telefunken
    - Play with "postp_1992" - tv rca
    - Play with "postp" - hd normal picture