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Clear engine and stuff 1.3

Removes rust from some of the car components

  1. Glien
    Install with UAE
    1. I highly recommend you to watch following video if you not aware of basics of texture swapping (UAE v1.5 download page)
    2. As you may already know, you need specific folder that located in the same folder as UAE does. Then if you don't have this folder, you need to create sharedassets1 folder (it's must be named same as the file you editing).
    3. After creating a folder you need to put all downloaded files inside.
    4. Open UAE, open sharedassets1.assets and search for textures to replace via search bar and replace them with textures you downloaded using Import This File from DDS.
    5. Click Save as Assets-file, select file you were editing (sharedassets1) and replace the file
    6. Done

    Update 1.3:

    + clear windows
    + smoother reflections of all shiny details
    (racing radiator, racing exhaust, etc.)
    + nitrous injection system and N2O tank now uses the same texture as the racing muffler (some parts of the N2O injection system has muffler's texture (red) and other ones has tank's (blue). I don't want to leave half of the part colored and other one not)
    (If you want me to make them colored again, please let me know)
    + some minor changes

    aand developers changed the bolt material so I can't manage it's texture as I used to (it's stays rusty now), so I need to figure out how to change .mat files or what I need to change and get that clear look back

    Update 1.2+:
    + texture of racing carburetors
    + overall update with less compressed textures.
    + clear moped speedometer
    + decolorized race exhaust

    Update 1.1:
    + clear car bottom

    Main differences: [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]