• "Slow and steady finishes the race. Fast and steady wins the race." - Sean Rogers.
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China FSR 1.0

China FSR, converted from rF1 by David Dominguez and updated by JES

  1. John-Eric Saxén
    China FSR, converted from rF1 by David Dominguez and updated by JES

    17.4.2015 JES:

    -Adjusted texture maps lighting for new HDR (trackside, curbs, road, grass, grandstands)
    -Adjusted texture maps colors
    -Fixed shadows from backstraight grandstands
    -New spectators
    -New trees
    -New skybox
    -Reworked all grandstands
    -Adjusted road+curbs specular maps
    -Removed some alpha layers to improve road reflection
    -Tweaked fog
    -Added reflection mapper to main building windows
    -Tweaked reflections of all windows
    -Tweaked guardrails
    -Made all green tire stacks collidable
    -Made fence texture cast shadow
    -Aligned grid positions correctly
    -New realroad texture
    -New realroad profile

    6.5.2014 David Dominguez:

    -Added 30% realroad profile
    -Astroturf grip fix
    -Fixed "dark textures"
    -New asphalt texture
    -New grass texture
    -Increased LOD out values in all scenary objects
    -Most important objects of the track will cast dynamic shadows now
    -Added DRS markers
    -DRS minimum passes fix (it will activate on 3rd lap instead of 4th)
    -Color correction tweaks on some textures
    -Adjusted session time lenghts and start times
    -Added 2nd group of track cameras


    1. rFactor2 2015-04-17 01-41-19-80.jpg
    2. rFactor2 2015-04-16 23-47-15-99.jpg
    3. rFactor2 2015-04-16 23-46-30-57.jpg
    4. rFactor2 2015-04-16 23-39-26-65.jpg
    5. rFactor2 2015-04-16 23-37-56-01.jpg
    6. rFactor2 2015-04-16 23-33-43-63.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. James Sadler
    James Sadler
    Version: 1.0
    Really good looking track and enjoyable to drive on
  2. Hsmmer
    Version: 1.0
    Surprisingly good !

    Sorry mate but unlike AC fanboys I do not give 5 stars for everything.