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Change tachometer position 21.12.2016

Change racing tachometer position

  1. Roman266
    Install(only for 21.12.16):
    Put "ChangeTachometerPosition211216.exe" in root game and start install.

Recent Reviews

  1. Stealth79
    Version: 21.12.2016
    The first day it worked for me, however windows has since done an update and I have performed a game reinstall, now all I get is that the .exe has stopped working, so I re-downloaded the file only to have windows anti-malware pick it up as a trojan, this file did work well but no longer does for me, somewhat annoying!
    I hope the creator can fix soon, also on a side note it would be better located were the air/fuel ratio/mixture gauge is at the base of the A-Pillar and the air/fuel mixture gauge relocated to right of other 3 IMO.
    1. Roman266
      Author's Response
      I not update this mod, he can't just broken of itself. This mod installer make changes in files, therefore some antiviruses can determine it like virus. I use Kaspersky antivirus and it not determine it like virus. I not make this mod installer, i just use Unity Asset Bundle Extractor.

      I also wanted to place it in left side, but it have some rotation and in left side it have bad look(i can't change rotation).
  2. NGineus
    Version: 21.12.2016
    excellent mod, easy to install and works great with no issues