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2018 RD Touring Car Championship (LIVE)
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CART Extreme Mclaren Honda Andretti & F1 Skins v1.2

All Wing Configurations & optional Automobilista Load Screen

  1. ClimaxF1
    Hi Guys

    Probably makes no sense other than I'm a Mclaren Fernando Alonso fan and really like some of their liveries.
    Just having a bit of fun and hope you guys like the new skins, have fun :)

    P.S. There is a optional Automobilista loading screen should you wish to use it

    CART_Extreme_Mclaren Honda Andretti.jpg CART_Extreme_Mclaren Honda Andretti_4.jpg CART_Extreme_Mclaren Honda Andretti_3.jpg CART_Extreme_Mclaren Honda F1.jpg CART_Extreme_Mclaren Honda F1_1.jpg CART_Extreme_Mclaren Honda F1_2.jpg


    • Always backup!
    • Download zip file
    • Open zip file
    • Unpack and copy / paste/install

    For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Steering wheels, Team Garages, Race Suits, Gloves & Fantasy Skins please browse my downloads section here:


    Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online


    1. Alonso Indy 500 Helmet.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: v.1.1
    Love these skins. Thank you for sharing.
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Glad you like and appreciate the review!
  2. Farofas
    Version: v.1.1
    amazing job!
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Thank you and appreciate the review!
  3. Comm_Cody
    Version: v1.0
    Beautiful Skin, adds another potential car for the CART extreme mod and well done.
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      This still some more skins that I would like to add as it's own series.
      Appreciate the review!