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Carlos Sainz Jr Ferrari Skin 1.0

Carlos Sainz Jr joins the Ferrari F1 Team to partner Sebastian Vettel

  1. OwenSlavin3
    Sainz Jr Joins Ferrari!
    This mod will remove Kimi Raikkonen's name and number from the 2nd Ferrari and will replace it with Sainz and the number 55

Recent Reviews

  1. alonso444
    Version: 1.0
    can you made it for nasr 12 ?
    1. OwenSlavin3
      Author's Response
      Yeah! I'll try and upload it as soon as possible
  2. Gotcha
    Version: 1.0
    looking forward to it but wat does it look like
    1. OwenSlavin3
      Author's Response
      It is the 2015 Ferrari skin with the 55 and Sainz replacing 7 and Raikkonen