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Cam Mod 1.0

Tcam, shoulder cam, reverse cam

  1. G2_70
    Cam mod :

    Fix T-cam
    Fix reverse T-cam
    Shoulder Cam replace nose cam

    I do only for Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Williams, Force India, because F1 2017 coming in 3 weeks. Im not going to update this mod.

    1 bug : Mirror not working in shoulder cam, I don't know why, sorry :(

    Some examples :

    Ferrari Shoulder cam
    Ferrari shoulder cam.jpg

    Williams T-cam
    Williams tcam.jpg

    Mercedes Reverse cam
    Mercedes reverse cam.jpg

    McLaren Shoulder cam
    McLaren shoulder cam.jpg

    My settings :


    1. ForceIndia reverse cam.jpg
    2. Ferrari tcam.jpg
    3. ForceIndia tcam.jpg
    4. RedBull shoulder cam.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Canta_17
    Version: 1.0
    brillliant but please do the rest of the teams as there cameras look weird :)
    1. G2_70
      Author's Response
      thanks! i will not do the rest of teams sorry