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BTCC Reloaded V1.1

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97
    This is the btcc reloaded mod for race 07 by me and Mr.T.It features the 1995/1996/1999 and 2000 btcc seasons.Most of the skins have been converted from the gtr2 super touring mod.
    Credits go to:
    Simon Gardner for his skins and giving me permission to convert them
    Mr.T for making the mod and making the nissan and peugeot skins(the scb peugeot was converted by him)
    Me for converting the gtr2 skins
    AndreasFSC for the super touring mod

    Have fun everyone!!;) There is a read me included giving information on how to install the mod for those who dont know how
    Requirements:You need the super touring reloaded mod by AndreasFSC to run this mod.
    Remember feedback is necessary:thumbsup:


    1. btcc00.jpg
    2. btcc95.jpg
    3. btcc96.jpg
    4. btcc99.jpg
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