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BTCC Civic: Top Gear-based Peniston Oil Larsen's Biscuits 1.01

"Ambitious but rubbish"

  1. Gui Cramer
    I had originally made a 1:1 replica but this personal take looks quite sexy ingame.

    To install make sure you have a skin directory folder in your rF2. Example: "C:\Users\You\Saved Games\rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings\Civic_BTCC_Car\CIVIC_BTCC_7"

    You can create that folder from the ingame Tuning screen (where you select your car) by clicking on the lower right "Create Directory." Just place the .mas file in there :).

    ps: I created the Dunlop joke sponsor myself, Duopop too.
    pps: Feel free to extract the individual textures for your own use.

    CivicLarsens.JPG CivicPeniston.JPG

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Recent Reviews

  1. Steven Andrew
    Steven Andrew
    Version: 2014-08-30
    Nice one Gui
    1. Gui Cramer
      Author's Response
      Thank you Steve :)