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Bryce Canyon Raceway 2.0

bryce canyon GSC 2013

  1. Ilya Malyuev
    The GSC2013 version has all the materials and textures altered to make proper use of GSC2013's lighting model, with all those lively and bright colors.
    While I've ended the developing of track for rFactor, GSC013 version may have some improvements tho, especially at the AI side.

    Features all the stuff from rFactor's 2.0 vesion, including 3D trees and dense grass/bushes.

    Night lighting is available, but mostly in the pit area :)

    The fantasy scratch-made track inspired by beautiful Bryce canyon in Utah, USA. This is not 100% representation of a real place, although it's based on real data.


    1. 1497636_204068236444161_184997040_n.jpg
    2. 526590_204068589777459_910866952_n.jpg
    3. 1003784_204068169777501_126625319_n.jpg
    4. 1457753_204068046444180_303568977_n.jpg
    5. 1484120_204068259777492_1943885960_n.jpg
    6. 1234725_204068086444176_1392523413_n.jpg
    7. 1491610_204068306444154_1801421995_n.jpg
    8. 1497720_204068426444142_1046727986_n.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. BlkJello
    Version: 2.0
    This track is fantastic! One of the best add-on tracks for sure. Thank you :)