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BMW E30 325i Coupe 0.99a

Bone stock, but fun, E30 325i. Converted from rFactor with permission.

  1. cameron4win10
    BMW 325i Coupe.

    My, now finished, project involving one of my dream cars - the BMW 325i Coupe. Started converting it back in July, and by December, with a lot of help, I have a finished product I dare to say I'm proud of. It is a convert from rFactor but I have full permission from Manuel (the original author) to convert it and have proof if you so desire it.

    I've had it tested by an E30 325i driver, who said it's almost exactly like the real thing. I find it a lot of fun to drive, and goes nicely with the E30 Touring that's also on RD.

    Physics, Conversion and small tweaks - Cameron Montlake-Mees (your's truly)
    Shaders and 3d work - Alexander Alexander
    Various small parts - |Viper|
    Creator of the original rFactor mod - Manuel Pedrón
    Sounds - Sen Dewael
    Testers: Anthony Barnett, Daniel Strengholt and Andrew Lanning

    If you want to see another version of this, or you have some suggested improvements, comment and I'll try my best. Thanks guys and have fun! e30drifting.jpg Untitled-32-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered.jpg e30driftingthumb.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Alkobelka
    Version: 0.99a
    1) ai not working (freezing)
    2) Sound... use M3 E30 AC sound (better)
    3) cam location 4\10
    4) Middle wing in setups? WTF?)
    1. cameron4win10
      Author's Response
      1) Yeah, that's my bad. I'll fix that in the next version.
      2) That's a 4 cylinder sound (S14B23 if I'm not mistaken) and this is the M50B25. Completely different engines and the sound would be nowhere near as accurate. This sound was compared with real life sounds and is quite close.
      3) Don't really see how you could think that honestly, please explain.
      4) Ever looked at any Kunos or modded car? It's to simulate the drag of the body, otherwise you'd be able to go 5000mph if you give it enough gearing and power.
  2. Tommi Ylén
    Tommi Ylén
    Version: 0.99a
    Just as scary as the real thing :D Rear end very light as it should be. Tons of fun to drive. Knockhill and this car, best combo!
  3. mysummercar666
    Version: 0.99a
    how do you instaal it
  4. The Swiss Hillclimbracer
    The Swiss Hillclimbracer
    Version: 0.99a
    Wow amazing to drive. Amzazing sound! Keep it up!
  5. ScrolllockG27
    Version: 0.99a
    Needs some improvements like interior textures but overall it's really good. Anyway is it possible in the future to get S version of this mod with shorter steering rack and stiffer suspension?
    1. cameron4win10
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, and I do intend to improve it at some point when my skills improve haha.

      I've made loads of drift versions for this thing (private use atm) and I may spend some time and make a proper tuned version of it. I've got one with basically M3 physics that's been tweaked and handles amazingly so I'll work on it more and try and release it, now I know there is some interest in it haha. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. lucent
    Version: 0.99a
    Overall solid mod, sound needs decent improvement, interior could be more detailed and well-textured. Great work anyway.
    1. cameron4win10
      Author's Response
      The sound isn't perfect, but it's the best BMW i6 sound we have at the moment, so it'll have to do for the time being.

      If I learn how to 3d model/texture, I'll put more time into the interior of the car. But my free time is limited now so that will either be a while away or won't happen at all.
  7. João Tuning
    João Tuning
    Version: 0.99a
    Great Mod
  8. Peugeot905
    Version: 0.99a
    Nice thank you for releasing
  9. Manuel Staedel
    Manuel Staedel
    Version: 0.99a
    Realy nice