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BMW Deluxe Nurburgring recaro suede Driver Outfit. 1.0 FINAL

A High quality driver suit, helmet & gloves for the pinnacle of motorsport.

  1. blackcelica
    BMW DELUXE.jpg
    Just unpack and place in to your chosen cars\carname\skins\skinname folder.
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Recent Reviews

  1. TonYneT
    Version: 1.0 FINAL
    this is amazing!!!
    very nice thanks, cheer...
  2. Tomtiger123
    Version: 1.0 FINAL
    You are the "golden boy" of suit making i love your work so much :-D !!!
    P.S.: Please, can you make me only the helmet in a red-style maybe ???
  3. Danny Walker
    Danny Walker
    Version: 1.0 FINAL
    YES! WONDERFUL! INDEED! SHARP! C00L! THANKS!.................=)
  4. Grand Tourist
    Grand Tourist
    Version: 1.0 FINAL
    And he's back in style!!! Nice suit :-)
  5. Chazz Ranger
    Chazz Ranger
    Version: 1.0 FINAL
    NICE! All your driver suits are ridiculous next-level quality, this one's no exception!
  6. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Version: 1.0 FINAL
    Great idea, ready for the Ring release!