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BMW 1M Visual Update 2017-10-03

Small visual updates for BMW 1M

  1. Unbiased
    It is time to shine for another oldie.
    Tiny visual updates for this foxie - BMW 1M.
    Redone tyres, brakes, rims.
    Just unpack, drop into main AC folder, run JSGME and apply the mod. Showroom_bmw_1m_3-9-2017-16-41-53.jpg Showroom_bmw_1m_s3_3-9-2017-16-41-5.jpg Screenshot_bmw_1m_ks_brands_hatch_3-10-117-16-36-32.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. fanatec92
    Version: 2017-10-03
    No comments so far? I don't understand that! Thank you for this great update.