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Black and White skin for XBow R 2014-07-18

Two tone skin with orange details. PLEASE RATE :-)

  1. Sunny Sky Speed
    BMW M3 Yokohama tires fitted.
    "See through" front panel with blurred KTM logo.
    Fixed tyre_blur file :)
    Helmet, suit, gloves and display in theme colours, display revs from GP2 display.
    2014-07-18_00034.jpg 2014-07-18_00035.jpg

    slightly altered XBowR logo based on the real one, also blurred.
    2014-07-18_00036.jpg 2014-07-18_00037.jpg
    pit board with real XBowR logo.


Recent Reviews

  1. Lino Carreira
    Lino Carreira
    Version: 2014-07-18
    Nice looking m8, mind if i use the helmet and add my name on it as my personal one :) am crazy about dukes, have a 390 :)
    1. Sunny Sky Speed
      Author's Response
      go ahead, use all you want. P.S. : new skin for KTM soon :-) Paid special attention to the carbon fibre.