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Grand Finale: 2018 RD Touring Car Championship (LIVE)
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Birubi SouthernCross V1.0 2015-02-28

Neel Jani

  1. Dennis Phelan
    Race07 GTR-E Birubi SouthernCross V1.0

    Creation of the circuit for Rfactor by Profesor & Hugh Jarse,
    Conversion & improvement by Neel Jani,

    I thank Profesor & Hugh Jarse who my to give the authorization to the conversion of their circuit worm the SimBin platforms,

    Thank you also Thierry81 has which made the AIW which and of 36 cars max.

    And thank you Luigi who has made the cameras,

    Thank you with beta tester Thierry81 & Boblebric,


    SimBin for Race07 GTR-E
    Profesor & Hugu Jarse Height original circuit
    Simgarage 3DSIMED
    Thierry81 AIW
    Luigi Cams
    E-mail contact; alaindavid57@hotmail.com

    Good entertainment,
    Neel Jani
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