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Bikernieki Race Track 0.5

Biķernieki Race Track in Riga, Latvia

  1. Biķernieki Race Track v0.5

    4 new layouts:
    - Ring of Skill (Meistarības aplis)
    - Big Ring (Lielais apvienotais aplis)
    - VDC (Virtual Drift Championship) by Jonathan Simpson
    - Open track / cruise configuration

    - improved road surface collision model
    - nicer materials
    - some new textures
    - removed apex and brake cones (as a request ;) )
    - collision wall fixes
    - track section names for new layouts
    - replay cameras for new layouts
  2. Biķernieki Race Track v0.4

    - short "Oval" circuit configuration
    - "sandbox" Drift configuration
    - improved road surface collision model
    - added dynamic grooves
    - improved AI line (by Jānis Dancis)
    - AI hints
    - new camera sets (by norbs)
    - added apex and brake cones
    - some optimization
    - detailed finish line and working semaphores
    - collision wall fixes
    - timing checkpoints now back to 3 (as supported by AC)
    - track section names
    - some new textures
    - added flags and banners...