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Biaggi and Checa Marlboro - 2001 500cc 1.1

Biaggi and Checa Marlboro - 2001 500cc , Bike Suit ,Visor

  1. Aaron Smythe
    MotoGP17 2017-07-01 23-01-59-70.jpg MotoGP17 2017-07-01 23-13-42-36.jpg MotoGP17 2017-07-01 23-44-24-16.jpg MotoGP17 2017-07-01 23-32-36-78.jpg Biaggi and Checa Marlboro - 2001 500cc , Bike Suit ,Visor

    This Mod Brings to life the Classic Yzr 500 of Biaggi and Checa in the year of 2001 . Bike Now Marlboro stickers , suit . Titanium Pipe and Visor .

    Extract with File Remixer the Two strokes 500 'Mixfile' into a folder . Paste into the folders that are extracted the modded Bike , suit and visor files . Repack back into original twostroke 500cc Mixfile with 'File Remixer .

    This also upgrades the other yzr 500 extractor pipes .
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Recent Reviews

  1. ucilrezaucil
    Version: 1.1
    great job, man!
    keep updating :D