• “Just being a mediocre driver has never been my ambition. That's not my style” ― Michael Schumacher
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AVATAR Driver (career mode) 1.4

replaces the driver with the white helmet (CAREER MODE)

  1. chianamik
    (career mode)

    52 AVATAR Driver

    1)Open Rar file
    2)choose the preferred "general_0"driver
    3)open frontend directory,edit non_persistent file with pssg editor and replace "general_0" string with the preferred general file (from number 1 to number 45)

    1)edit b_player_helmet file in frontend directory with pssg editor
    2)replace player_silhouette string with preferred player_silhouette file (from number 1 to number 45)
    3)save and play game!

    Note:b_player helmet inside Rar file

    general_0-original.jpg f1_2012 2013-04-29 16-52-42-60.jpg
    general_01.jpg general_04.jpg general_05.jpg general_06.jpg general_09.jpg general_10.jpg general_12.jpg general_13.jpg general_19.jpg general_23.jpg general_0-original.jpg f1_2012 2013-04-29 16-52-42-60.jpg


    1. 2013-05-03_165003.jpg