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Automobilista HUD: "Case_Fox" Layout 1.0

With trackmap at the left-side and Timing below it.

  1. Óscar Melero
    I found the trackmap distracting at the top right zone. I needed help from @Martin Fiala because he did a very good layout exchanging the positions between trackmap and timing. I improved it a little bit by giving space for the two things at the left side of the screen. So that's why I called it "Case_Fox" Layout, as a thank you to Martin for the initial great job.

    Although, the message center has to be in the right side above the tachometer and the MFD for this to work.
    And, by the way, the Flags and Pit Stop icons are placed perfectly just above the message center.

    Some screenshots (with and without the virtual mirrors in different situations)


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Recent Reviews

  1. nas404
    Version: 1.0
    small tweak , big effect :)