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Automobilista ARC Camaro Addon v1.0

Automobilista ARC Addon V1.0

  1. Reb.Ellion
    This addon for the ARC Camaro includes the Skinpack of Rob Fitness as a base.
    You can select Advertising in the Cockpit by Upgrade. The same for a gear display. The instrument panel was centered and the instruments adjusted. The engine does not overheat.
    It is included the tirebundle for the first chicane in Adelaide. It must be tested how the changed file behaves online. If you do not want it you can simply delete it. Go to your Automobilista \ GameData \ Locations \ Adelaide folder and delete the cmwalla002.gmt. Thus, the tirebundle is cleared in the first chicane.
    I would like to thank my family, who is very patient with me and my hobby.
    Special thanks go to REIZA, Rob Fitness for his skin pack and the tire textures. Gringo for the tip with the engine physics.
    This mod comes without lights, no headlights, no brakelights. More fun.
    Unpack into your Automobilista folder.

    Have fun with it
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Recent Reviews

  1. Antonio Amarilla
    Antonio Amarilla
    Version: v1.0
    It´s ok
    1. Reb.Ellion
  2. Antonio Castagna
    Antonio Castagna
    Version: v1.0
    nice job ;)
    1. Reb.Ellion
      Author's Response
      thank you