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Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3 - KreativTeam KT-1 #29 1.0

SBB 24H Spa Team-Race Event 13. - 14.8.2016

  1. DiRTyDRiVER
    Driver SBB 24H Spa 13.-14.08.2016

    René Korb

    CarSkin-download comes with the Autoupdater from schwarzbierbude.de
    or manually Installation :
    - download Skin
    - open zip file with double click
    - copy the folder “content” to
    - zip-File can be deleted
    20160725122104_1.jpg 20160725122148_1.jpg 20160725122201_1.jpg 20160725122214_1.jpg 20160725122218_1.jpg
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