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ASR Formula OWC 92 - Ferrari F92A 0.3HQ

ASR Formula OWC 92 - Ferrari F92A - Open Beta

  1. Sderenno
    Today we want to release yet another Ferrari. This time it is the F92A, 1992 season!
    The car will be part of carset 1992 that will be made with greater attention to detail.
    In version 0.3 open beta is available to download for everyone!
    I also want to thank Jon Denton for making this interesting article on the 1991 season and the Ferrari 643.
    About this last car mentioned, will follow shortly a major upgrade. Stay tuned!


    “We make mods in the night, $1 of coffee
    to stay awake”


Recent Reviews

  1. BernL
    Version: 0.3HQ
    This is what makes getting FR2 worth it. I would add 2 more stars here easy
  2. Steve Bird
    Steve Bird
    Version: 0.3HQ
    Outstanding effort. Now all we need is a full car set and we have something extremely special :)